The National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education began as a result of collaboration among a group of middle level professors from across the nation. The purposes of the organization are to:

  • Provide a professional network to enhance the exchange of information and ideas, as well as, to encourage the discussion of topics related to the preparation of middle level educators,

  • Contribute to the development of an expanded middle level research base, and provide additional means for sharing and disseminating current research and ideas among those interested in middle level education,

  • Serve actively as advocates for the middle school movement, especially in terms of promoting middle level concepts among various publics commonly dealt with in the preparation of middle level educators, and

  • Share in the advocacy for the middle school movement by supporting the stated purposes and goals of the Association for Middle Level Education.

Abundant opportunities will exist ... to examine our middle grades programs and to make changes in the way we conduct the education of young adolescents. We must seize them.  John Lounsbury, AMLE

What's going on in the Middle?
CMLA Chapter-at-Large 

On August 1, 2020, the dues rate for AMLE Student Membership was significantly reduced and students who join AMLE also become members of the Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA) Chapter-at-Large.

  1. The CMLA Chapter-at-Large functions virtually and is available for students enrolled full-time in programs which do not have a CMLA chapter at their university.

  2. The CMLA Chapter-at-Large will have a rotating faculty advisor who will serve a 3-year term chosen through a selection committee

  3. The CMLA Chapter-at-Large will have student leadership opportunities including chapter president, vice president, secretary, and delegates at-large.

  4. All virtual activities conducted by the Chapter-at-Large are open to all student members, including those part of CMLA student chapters, so that we can build a nationwide community of pre-service teachers.

You can now pay dues online!

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