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The National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education (NAPOMLE) was chartered on October 28, 1997 as the 55th affiliate of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE). The charter was signed by 56 middle level professors from across the nation, and listed the following as charter institutional members: Clark Atlanta University, Georgia Southwestern University, Clayton State University (GA), Valdosta State University, Miami University (OH), Georgia College and State University, University of Wisconsin at Platteville, Phillips University, the University of Cincinnati, the College of Charleston, Southeast Missouri State University, Bridgewater State College (MA), Northeastern Illinois University (Chicago), State University of West Georgia, and Georgia Southern University. John Lounsbury was the first to sign, and added the signature of William Alexander (deceased) in remembrance of one of the other founders of the middle school movement.


While the creation of NAPOMLE occurred as a result of collaboration among a group of middle level professors from across the nation, it evolved from an association that existed more than a decade before in Georgia, the Georgia Professors of Middle Level Education, established by John Lounsbury, Jay Hertzog, and others. Both organizations were established to provide a forum for middle level educators to share information and ideas, and to network with one another to the benefit of the middle grades movement. A steering committee was formed which developed a Constitution and Bylaws based on a model provided by AMLE, and application was made for affiliate status. Upon approval of the charter in 1997, John Myers of the State University of West Georgia was elected as first president of the association.

by John Myers and Barbara R. Blackburn


NAPOMLE is an affiliate of the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE)

Our Publications

NAPOMLE also publishes a journal, Current Issues in Middle Level Education. Articles in the journal regularly focus on best teaching practices in colleges and universities, school-university partnerships, and other topics of interest to faculty.

NAPOMLE Past Presidents

John Myers, 1997-1998

Alison Brooke Bunte, 1999-2000

Saundra Bryn, 2000-2001

Barb Whinery, 2003-2004

Shirley Theriot (Theriot-Fogleman), 2004-2005

Barbara Blackburn, 2005-2006

Betty Dore, 2006-2008

John Niska, 2008-2010

Nancy Ruppert, 2010-2012

Bob Ziengefuss, 2012-2014

Nancy B. Mizelle, 2014-2016

Kim Winter, 2016-2018

Gary Senn, 2018-2020

Hillary Dack, 2020-2022

Bridget Coleman, 2022-2024

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